Sonitrol Integrated School Security
Sonitrol Integrated School Security

  • Protect your students during class hours
  • After hours protection for your facility & staff
  • Monitor computer rooms, freezers, boilers & AEDs

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Audio Detection Provides the Fastest Response
Audio Detection Provides the Fastest Response  
Audio Detection Provides the Fastest Response

The power to hear a break-in before it happens leads to the highest apprehension rate.

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Camera Security Works Best When Monitored
Camera Security Works Best When Monitored

Cut down on false alarms and undetected losses with active video verification monitoring.

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Keyless Access Entry Systems
Keyless Access Entry Systems

Protect your facility & your staff, without slowing them down.

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Fire Detection and Process Monitoring
Fire Detection and Process Monitoring

Limit the damage done when fires, floods, or malfunctions strike. Sonitrol is complete protection.

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Live Local Monitoring is Total Security
Live Local Monitoring is Total Security

Get the fastest response in the industry with live active monitoring.

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Industrial Process Monitoring
Industrial Process Monitoring

Protect your plant or facility from potential disaster with total process monitoring.

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Are You Serious About Security? Tired of False Alarms?

Sonitrol’s Impact Audio Security System is the Leader in Verified Security. Our monitoring professionals can actually listen-in to determine whether a break-in is in progress. Sonitrol apprehends far more intruders than all the other alarm companies combined.

Sonitrol Verified Audio gives you:

  • Comprehensive volumetric coverage verses conventional spot coverage
  • Early detection – forced entry sounds often trigger the system before access is gained
  • Alarm Verification – Audio alerts operators to unconventional entry points unlike perimeter systems
  • Higher apprehension rate than conventional security because…
  • Critical information can be relayed to first responders
  • Significantly reduces false alarms because of verification

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Concerned about unauthorized entry to your business?

Sonitrol Access allows you to control entry to buildings and sensitive areas of your business. You will be able to track entry and exits, receive reports and manage permissions on-line through mySonitrol for your facility.

  • Our technology eliminates the expense of rekeying or changing lock when an employee leaves
  • User / employees are less likely to set off false alarms
  • Automatically regulating access reduces the need for onsite security personnel
  • System allows for temporary access by visitors and vendors
  • Access control decreases your liability and risk

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Do you want to see what is happening on your property?

Sonitrol provides two types of video surveillance, through Sonitrol’s SonaVision monitored video we can verify an alarm condition at your facility, provide responding authorities accurate information and reduce false alarms.

With our on-site closed circuit TV systems you can see what is happening and what has happened at your facility.

These options provide you with:

  • Deterrent to internal and external theft
  • Risk management documentation on events and accidents
  • Remote Video Access via internet

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Fire Detection solutions:

We design and install fire detection systems and assist you with obtaining approvals and or permits to comply with all codes required by the authority having jurisdiction.

Your system will provide:

  • Smoke and heat detection
  • Water flow and sprinkler
  • Elevator recall
  • Voice Evacuation systems
  • Dispatch the proper authorities

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Have critical equipment malfunctions disrupted your business?

Let Sonitrol alert you when critical environmental systems in your building are not working as planned. Our local Central Station will monitor loss of power, temperatures in data rooms, freezers, boilers and water/flood as well as AEDs, safes and coin changers. We notify you when they are not functioning within parameters. You can have peace of mind knowing that your facilities are being supervised.

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Why Local Monitoring?

  • Lower account to operator ratio
  • Our Central Alarm monitoring station is located in the market we serve
  • You can always talk to the operator monitoring your system
  • Professionally trained operators are on duty 24/7
  • Our operators become familiar with not only your building but also with you.
  • We monitor local areas including Schaumburg, Oakbrook, Batavia, Naperville and lots more

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#1 Commitment to Service Guarantee in the Business Security Industry.
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