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Video surveillance is a powerful deterrent to both external and internal theft. We provide state-of-the-art video solutions that are as advanced as our intrusion alarm technology.  We use the latest digital video technology for continuous, automated recording and clear images that never degrade. What’s more, our cameras can integrate seamlessly with Sonitrol verified audio detection and any of the other modular components of your Sonitrol system for even greater protection.

Scalability and flexibility

You can choose exactly what you need today, and add on to the system at any time to meet your growing needs. New technologies, additional cameras, and extra storage capacity can all be easily added as required.

Ease of use

You can manage an unlimited number of cameras from any location via an internet connection – instant access to live and recorded video.

Video is a perfect complement to Sonitrol’s audio sensors. Together security and video monitoring take your security to a new level. Our audio systems give you ears, now SonaVision gives you eyes. The two systems work together to watch out for you. Talk to one of our security consultants today and see what SonaVision can do for you.

Our video security technology gives you

  • Highest level of security
  • 24/7 alarm verification by Sonitrol operators
  • Virtual onsite presence for off-site management
  • Monitor critical locations such as retail areas, warehouses, and loading docks
  • SonaVision video services mean maximum performance

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