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We all want to make our budget go as far as it can but there is truth in the old saying “penny wise, pound foolish”; like someone who buys inexpensive shoes but finds their feet hurt. It’s all about the difference between cutting corners and spending wisely. Cheaper security can be a painful lesson. Here are some key things to look for when you buy and why you need them. Continue Reading →


A True Story; The Names Have Been Changed To Protect The Innocent…

It pains me to write this blog. It’s a story about a warehouse theft that resulted in a loss when it should have resulted in an arrest. It was a Saturday night and the central station operator was monitoring the console (the board that receives the alarms) when an audio alarm signal was activated. The burglars were using a saw to cut a hole in the overhead door of a warehouse. Continue Reading →


Until recently CCTV camera systems operated only at the location of the system. Someone  had to be locally watching the cameras or more than likely the video was being recorded to an on-site recorder. Only after a security breech occurred did someone go back and view the video footage. Because of communication and technology changes and costs, video monitoring was not very practical, reliable or affordable. The advent of IP technology has brought continued improvements in capabilities and quality while lowering costs. CCTV video can also now be monitored from remote locations. Continue Reading →

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A Cautionary Tale

What’s the most cost effective alarm system? Recently, a business who never had an alarm system for 30 years in their place of business was victimized. They know all of their customers by name and never had a problem. Then one night it happened. Continue Reading →

Tips to fine tune school security.

Is your school security system ready for the new school year?


It’s that time of year already and the start of school is right around the corner. Is your school security system ready for the new year? Most schools have made changes or additions to their buildings and staff in the last year, so now is the time to review and add any changes to your school security system for this school term. Continue Reading →

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