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Complete Warehouse Protection

Complete warehouse security

Warehouse¬†security can sometimes be a problem for traditional security equipment. The size of these spaces and the complexity of their layout often allow vulnerabilities. This happens even with multiple motion sensors at each door, window, and aisle. Ceilings and walls are an increasingly popular entry point for would-be thieves, find out about cost-effective security coverage for these areas as well. In addition to break-ins, internal theft can also be a problem. Here a list of components needed for comprehensive protection for your facility from all these hazards. Continue Reading →

Sonitrol systems often catch criminals before they enter

Reduce Product Loss with Hidden Security Cameras

One of the best things about security video cameras is they can be custom tailored to your needs. Recently a customer called us to help solve an internal theft problem. It seems this large distribution center has some medical supplies that can be resold on the open market for a pretty penny. We asked why not just lock it up in a secure area? Continue Reading →

rate your-building-security

Criminals have become so sophisticated that business owners today need to always be thinking about ways to better protect their facilities. They have learned to circumvent conventional security systems by entering through adjacent buildings, drywall or concrete walls, roofs, and even HVAC systems. Increasingly, this is how criminals are entering their targets because they know there are probably contacts on the doors and windows. How secure is your building? Use this guide to rate your building security. Continue Reading →

Security system FAQs

Here’s the second episode of frequently asked questions about security systems. We’re all about giving you more information to help you make the best decision. Continue Reading →


Security System info can help you plan. Feel free to ask a question, after all it’s free. Continue Reading →

Sonitrol captures criminals


Answers for your security needs during COVID-19