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Audio Intrusion Detection by Sonitrol Chicagoland West (630) 293-4497

Intrusion Audio Detection by Sonitrol

We give you ears inside your buildings when you’re not there. You get our more complete volumetric coverage of your facility which gives you earlier detection of break-ins, fewer false alarms, and criminals are apprehended. Plus our system is modular so you can easily adjust your system to your needs.

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Keyless Access Control by Sonitrol (630) 293-4497

Keyless Access Systems by Sonitrol

Key fobs or access cards lets you control where employees or visitors are allowed to go and during what times. It also can be integrated with your commercial security system to turn it off with a valid authorization or the user. MySonitrol lets you add & delete employees on-line at any time. You can view reports on the web or have them emailed to you.

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Video Surveillance by Sonitrol

See what’s going on and protect your business inside and out. SonaVision allows Sonitrol’s operators to see what’s happening anytime an activation signal is received. We offer state-of-the-art cameras and DVR s to meet your needs. Our video systems also allow you secure access to view your facilities off-site via a secure internet connection.

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Fire Detection by Sonitrol

A Dependable Fire Detection system is critical life safety security. We offer design, qualified professional installation and monitoring of your system along with test & inspection services. We also help you with applying for the necessary permits, inspections and approvals for occupation. We work alongside the authorities having jurisdiction to give you exactly what is required.

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Environmental processes by Sonitrol

We monitor what goes on in your building. Is the power out, boiler leaking, freezer at the correct temperature? These basic systems can cause great damage or disrupt your business if they fail. We can alert you if these things and more are not functioning as they should be. Wireless systems are available.

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Live Local Monitoring by Sonitrol

We give you eyes and ears in your facility when you’re not there. You’ll have peace of mind that your business is always monitored by our professionally trained operators 24/7. When an alarm sounds our operators verify a crime is in progress and alert the authorities immediately.

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