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If you are a regional manager for a retail chain and want to verify what time this evening all your systems armed, or you’re the principal of the local elementary school and want to create a new system user for a recently-hired maintenance supervisor starting next week, then our mobile security app is for you. For these user needs and so many like them the Sonitrol Mobile app is an effective, efficient and highly accessible tool.

Manage Your System From Anywhere

With this powerful app, Sonitrol provides users the capability to remotely and securely search for their facilities via map or text, manage system arming status, view and filter system events, manage system users. The Sonitrol Mobile app is available to Sonitrol customers (3000 Series, SonPlus, iBase, and Flexibase customers) at NO CHARGE.

Why The Sonitrol app?

The industry leader in verified electronic security, Sonitrol’s patented impact audio technology and integrated access control have the capability to verify the presence of intruders or authenticate valid employees to a facility.

Sonitrol has the fastest police response times, lowest false alarm rates and best apprehension rates in the security industry 178,823 criminals caught and counting and now you get the convenience of the mobile app.


Here’s what you’ll see.


This powerful app lets Sonitrol users remotely and securely:


  • Search for facilities via map or text
  • Verify all types of panels
  • Manage system arming status (requires IP panel)
  • Manage system users


This APP will give you the ability to:

Remote Arm / Disarm – with systems on IP communications (using the IBR600), your users can view status and then arm/disarm by partition.

View History – (Choose 24 Hours, Week, Month) The last 25 events, Arm/Disarm, Incident dispatches, user edits are easily and quickly shown.

Edit Users – Can easily add / delete / modify users for both intrusion and access.

Mobil-app- system-requirements


Business alarms, video surveillance, keyless acccess, fire detection

Sonitrol -  a whole new level of security

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