Environmental & Industrial Monitoring

Plant & Facility Protection from Potential Disaster

Prevent “Down Time” due to failure of critical systems with Sonitrol

Sonitrol will notify you when critical environmental systems or processes in your building are not working as planned. Our local Central Station will alert you if your facilities lose power. When temperatures in data rooms go above or below levels you set or if freezer or boilers malfunction, we will call you. We can monitor water leakage or flooding, as well as elevators. We can alert you when safes and coin changers or AEDs are tampered with. You can have peace of mind knowing that your facilities are being supervised.

Power Outage Monitoring


Sonitrol installs a sensor that immediately notifies us over the phone line or internet connection that your power is out. If your phone line is down Sonitrol can also provide you with a cellular backup which enables your security system to continue communicating conditions to us during an outage.

Temperature-Monitoring-Services-by-SonitrolSystem Temperature Monitoring

Sonitrol will install sensors that alert us if temperatures in Data labs, boiler rooms etc. are outside the proper levels set by you. The same can be done for freezers and coolers. Then our operators will contact you, saving you replacement costs and down-time.

Water-leak-Monitoring-Services-by-SonitrolWater Seepage / Flood Monitoring

Sonitrol sensors alert us when water is seeping into your building or if pumps are allowing water to rise above acceptable levels. We contact you saving you the cost of water damage.

Sonitrol – We keep you informed of what’s going on in your building when you’re not there.

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Business alarms, video surveillance, keyless acccess, fire detection

Sonitrol -  a whole new level of security

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