Video Intercom Access Systems

Control Access to Your Facility With a Video Intercom System

As visitors come to your door, you have the ability to identify and have them state their business before granting access inside of your facility. With the simple push of a button, an electric lock can be activated and access granted. Using a combination of audio and video components with Master Stations and substations, a variety of doors can be controlled from inside your facility. Color-video-intercom-access-control-system

Great for All Industries, Not Just School Security Systems

Almost all facilities, schools, clinics, commercial offices, warehouses, retail, repair shops, even gate entry just too name a few can benefit from an intercom system. Where communication and/or access control are necessary to protect personnel and property, an intercom system will aid in allowing authorized individuals entry.

Video Intercom Features

  • Provides the convenience of hands-free communication
  • A sleek, sophisticated and streamline design complements most interiors and exteriors
  • Comparable prices to that of a traditional black and white video intercom system
  • Identify visitors using high resolution video
  • Easy and intuitive to operate and requires little time to install

Common Industries for Video Intercom Systems

  • Commercial → Office buildings, retail stores, parking garages, front and rear entrances and employee only areas
  • Educational → Primary and secondary schools, college campuses, main entrances, service areas, and faculty areas
  • Government → Local, state and federal government branches, courtroom security, airports and embassies
  • Healthcare → Hospitals, medical clinics, nurseries, pharmacies, and staff lounges

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