Sonitrol Mission Statement



Building Relationships For Life By Exceeding Expectation

Sonitrol Position Statement

To provide the most intelligent, effective, verified loss prevention solutions to our customers.

Sonitrol Core Values

    • 1. Promote positive morale, mutual respect and unity throughout the network.


    • 2. Treat our customers, potential customers and fellow team members with respect and dignity.


    • 3. Be honest (truthful) and accurate in our representation of the company.


    • 4. Do what is right.


    • 5. Give our customers real value for their money.


    • 6. Provide the best customer service possible, regardless of the inconveniences.


    • 7. Be friendly and courteous at all times to current and potential customers and to each other.


    • 8. Provide superior training on an ongoing basis to all team members.


    • 9. Provide a clean and professional image.


Sonitrol - security that catches criminals!

Sonitrol -  a whole new level of security

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