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Do Covert Cameras Resolve Internal Theft?

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One of the best things about security video cameras is they can be custom tailored to your needs. Recently a customer called us to help solve an internal theft problem. It seems this large distribution center has some medical supplies that can be resold on the open market for a pretty penny. We asked why not just lock it up in a secure area?

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The Case

The answer was they wanted to catch and prosecute the offenders in order to set an example. They wanted to deter others who may think about stealing. They already had some cameras in place but not enough to actually see the person stealing. After touring the facility, we recommended covert cameras in key areas. This allows them to not only see the theft but to track them to see how they were getting the merchandise out. We used cameras that look like motion detectors because they already had motions detectors for security in the building. That way they wouldn’t stand out, but there are other options as well. One hidden camera is placed looking right at the shelf where the medical supplies were being kept, others were added in the hallways.

The results

In less than two weeks we received a call from the General Manager asking for help getting a copy of the video clip off of the video recorder of the perp (love that term). Cameras caught him taking the product off the shelf, removing the packaging and putting it in a bag. What surprised everyone was the fact that it was not just one person, but a group of three who were working together as a thief, a lookout, and the getaway. The next call we received was the customer asking for three more cameras. And yes, they are covert.

The question

The question for you is what unexpected information will you discover with covert cameras? Also knowing that coworkers have been caught red-handed, so to speak is often just the deterrent needed for any employees who might think about trying their hand at what seems to them easy pickings.

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