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Security systems that fight retail lossIn retail, every dollar counts so you need to protect your business while protecting your bottom line. In a recent industry study, over two dozen U.S. retailers reported shoplifting and employee theft losses of more than 4.7 billion in a single year. 1 out of every 28 employees were caught stealing, and as you can guess those are only the ones who got caught. A larger study of U.S. retail chains found that shoplifting cost retailers nearly $10 billion in losses and employee theft cost $15 billion. These losses don’t even include other threats to your bottom line, such as retail losses from robbery or burglary, fire or vandalism, or fraudulent injury claims, to name a few. Can a security system stem the tide? Here are some alarm technologies that fight retail loss.

A Sound Choice for Retailers

The first priority should be a state-of-the-art verified audio intrusion detection system. This technology reduces false alarms and allows real-time information to be relayed to first responders. This provides the high-level protection and faster response retailers need. After hours set your  alarm system to occupied to protect employees who stay after closing to count the deposit or do inventory. Panic buttons can also be added that triggers the audio and is also a key safety feature. Read more about panic buttons here.

The next key technology to consider is verified digital video surveillance. Both covert and plain site video cameras can deter both employee theft and shoplifting. They can be helpful in the sales area and in storeroom and loading dock areas. Cameras are also an important tool in confirming whether an actual break-in has occurred. This allows the system to be reset if there’s a false alarm. Video can also be very helpful when examining injury claims.

Keyless Access control has a host of capabilities useful to retailers. It enables designated employees to open and close the shop. Management can also easily add, delete and track seasonal employees. Read more about keyless entry systems here.

The crucial point is having your security system monitored by a team of trained professionals at a local Central Station. You also need to ensure that the guarantees offered on your system are the highest quality. Once you have these key features, these systems can minimize shrinkage and drive a solid return on investment.

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