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Getting started with Keyless access shifts and levels

Keyless entry systems offer great convenience and flexibility: you get easy entry and you can easily add and delete employees. But one of the most valuable things about access control is the ability to easily determine who is allowed in different sections of the buildings and at what times. You can set as many keyless access shifts and levels as you need. It can be as simple or complex as you choose.

Access shifts and levels

Let’s start with the basics. Creating a level of access starts with the period, which is the time span of days in the week a person is granted access. Next, you will want to create shifts, these are used to designate when to automatically arm your system or to disarm it at the specified time. They can also lock and unlock your doors at the set time if needed. A level, which is short for permission level, would designate the things each employee is authorized to do. For example, as with most office workers; my level allows me to enter weekdays from 9 am – 5 pm but not to turn the system on or off. And there may be rooms which I cannot enter at all; like classified files, cash counting or inventory storeroom. You can add as many shifts and levels as you need. Keyless access shifts and levels

Easy setup

Obviously, you need to set up administrators of the system who are allowed to change shifts and permission level. Administrators can add and delete employees which most employees would not be allowed to do. You may choose to allow managers to make these changes as well depending on whether there is always an administrator available.

Your next step would be to think of dividing employees into groupsKeyless Access Permission levels in terms of types of jobs. For example, you may have some or all of these groups; warehouse workers, office personnel, truck drivers and the cleaning crew. Now assigning levels will seem fairly obvious since truck drivers don’t need access to the office and so on. Always start with the least level of permission for each person and work your way up. In other words, don’t give employees access they don’t need. You can always go back and add permissions if needed but taking away access privileges usually occurs after someone does something they shouldn’t have.

This is a basic overview of the process. There are fine points but your security provider should be happy to answer any and all questions. They should also provide someone who will walk you through every step of the process over the phone or in person. Here’s the type of customer service guarantees to you want to look for. Keyless access has many other valuable features check out this list of possibilities. These systems provide great security and great flexibility. This makes running your facility easier and more efficient.



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