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How Secure is Your Plant?

Sonitrol protects your industrial plant even if you’re open 24 hours a day.

Sonitrol access control lets you control and track employee, visitor and vendor movements through your facilities with access readers at entrances, turnstiles or gates. You can limit entry to restricted areas, and thwart unauthorized exits as well as add and delete access codes and view reports on your plant with

Sonitrol can also monitor critical environmental processes such as power, temperature levels, chemical spills to alert personnel on the scene or after hours.


Sonitrol: Complete Protection25-Misconceptions-About-Commercial-Alarm-Systems

Sonitrol protects your plant when you’re open and after hours.

Sonitrol can monitor movement inside and outside your facilities with video. You can view cameras from on-site or via the internet and for multiple locations. This deters internal theft, damage or destruction of property, and discourages vandalism and is helpful in case of lawsuits.

Sonitrol has worked to protect commercial offices across North America for over 50 years. We can help.

Complete Security

Access control, audio intrusion detection, video surveillance, fire detection, 24/7 monitoring… no matter what your security needs are, Sonitrol has it covered.

Why Industrial Plants Use Sonitrol Security

  • Industry Expertise – You need someone you can trust to protect your facilities. Sonitrol works with assembly plants and industrial process facilities across the country.
  • Innovative Technology – Sonitrol’s state-of-the-art audio detection technology is superior to anything on the market today. Complimented with video, fire protection, and managed access control, Sonitrol can offer a full suite of security protection.
  • Proven results – No one can match Sonitrol’s results; the numbers speak for themselves. Criminals apprehended: over 174,838 and climbing.

Sonitrol Performance Guarantee

No other security provider will match Sonitrol’s Performance Guarantee:

Commercial Security Systems by Sonitrol

  • Performance Warranty – Sonitrol will pay for the first $10,000 of any loss if a forced entry is not detected and the proper authority is not notified.
  • Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee – Sonitrol will refund your installation fee and remove our equipment if your system fails to perform as contracted and you are dissatisfied with our service within three (3) months of initial installation.
  • False Alarm Fine Guarantee – If you receive a false alarm fine dispatched by Sonitrol and not your personnel, Sonitrol will assist in canceling the fee or credit your account for the fine.
  • Emergency Service Guarantee – Within our service area, Sonitrol guarantees the on-site arrival of a service technician within four (4) hours from the time of your request.

One Simple Log-In

Anywhere, anytime access to all of your key security functions – all from a standard web browser. Just type in, and you can monitor all of your connected facilities.

  • Intrusion Detection – View alarm messages and statistics specific to your burglary system.
  • Online Access Control – Manage your users and their permissions or view your access control configuration.
  • Video – Access live video feeds from any web browser or receive video clips via email.
  • Fire – Review alarm history and key parameters specific to your fire system.
  • Real-time Reporting – Get reports when you want them or scheduled to run automatically

Business alarms, video surveillance, keyless acccess, fire detection

Sonitrol -  a whole new level of security

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