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Is There Anything Available Other Than Motion Detectors?

Yes, there are glass break detectors and impact activated audio sensors. The best systems use the impact activated sensors because they give an area 100% protection from ceiling to floor and wall to wall. Impact audio sensors are also used to verify that an actual break-in is occurring; monitoring by a central station means they can continue to listen to the activity and determine that the sound is threatening and needs investigation by a guard service or police department.

I Have Door Contacts, Isn’t That Enough?

As long as the intruder comes in through the door, then yes that is enough. But the fact is over twenty-five percent make their way in through unconventional means. They come in through unlocked windows, punch holes in your neighbor’s wall who may not have a system. They have come in through skylights and vents, and will even cut a hole in the roof to gain access. They can even cut a hole through the door and climb through since that won’t activate the door contact.

Doesn’t The Monitoring Center Know If My Phone Lines Have Been Cut?

The only way a monitoring center would know would be if a dedicated telephone line came directly into their monitoring center and generally they don’t because of the cost involved. Most systems will do a daily communications check, and then let you know that the phone line is not functioning. That is probably too late. That’s why it’s highly recommended you have a radio or cellular back-up that will transmit if the lines have been cut or for any disruption in communication.

Do I Need To Test My System? How Often?

That depends on how serious you take security, and if you’re going to have it you might as well use it and maintain it. The best systems will self-test themselves daily, but if they don’t you should test your system at a minimum monthly. You should put the system in test mode and do a walk test in front of motion sensors and do a door check by opening each door to see if it is working properly. Also, if you have panic buttons, these should be tested at the same time. Work with your central monitoring station, they should be glad to help.

If I Have A Break-In, Doesn’t The Monitoring Center’s Insurance Cover My Loses?

No they do not. Security companies are there for detection but not for guaranteeing prevention. A few security companies will guarantee that if the security company fails to dispatch the police or if their equipment fails and there is a break-in, they will pay for some of the loss, but that varies by company and should be discussed. Check our guarantee.

Why Are There So Many False Alarms?

Ninety-five to ninety-eight percent of alarms that come into a central station are false alarms. The cause of these false alarms come from two main sources. The biggest perpetrator is the alarm users themselves. Proper training and understanding of the alarm system is the solution . Employees coming into a building at odd hours may have forgotten how to turn the system off or forgotten their code. Many systems are set off by cleaning people because personnel has changed and they aren’t properly trained on how the alarm system works and how to cancel a false alarm. 

Another main cause for false alarms is the security equipment itself. Motion sensors cannot determine what causes the motion. It may be a balloon or banner that moves when the heat turns on, or it may be an animal that has gained entry when a warehouse door was open. This is the reason that audio and video verification are making great strides in the security industry.

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