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Sonitrol Reaches Record Number Of Criminal Apprehensions

Sonitrol’s verified alarm detection techniques coupled with law enforcement partnerships result in more than 175,00 criminal apprehensions to dateOfficers know verified is better

Indianapolis, January 5, 2017 – Sonitrol, the leader in verified electronic security, provides customers throughout the united states and Canada with customized, state-of-the-art security solutions for intrusion alarms, access control, video surveillance and fire detection. Sonitrol has reached a new milestone by assisting with over 175,000 documented criminal apprehensions since 1977 when the company first began recording apprehension statistics. These record-breaking results have been achieved through constant innovation in alarm verification techniques as well as strong relationships with law enforcement and the communities that Sonitrol serves.

Sonitrol’s unique audio verified alarm detection methods provide the tools needed to accurately detect true alarm events, versus false alarms, and effectively, efficiently, and appropriately notify law enforcement. This unique and powerful technology has helped Sonitrol and the law enforcement community apprehend 175,000 criminals, more than any other security system in the market. Police know when they respond to a Sonitrol alarm, they are more than likely going to apprehend a criminal, which has led to a trusted relationship, faster police response times, and increased officer safety when responding to alarm events.

“Considering that 98% of alarm calls are false, coupled with a less than 1% apprehension rate when responding to non-verified alarms, it is easy to understand why many law enforcement agencies are making the shift to Verified Alarm Response policies,” said Julie Beach, Police Relations Program Director for Sonitrol. “We pride ourselves in continuing the legacy of Sonitrol by innovating better, faster alarm verification techniques while building strong relationships with our local communities and law enforcement.”

Community involvement with local Police departments plays a vast role in the success of the Sonitrol Apprehension program. We are proud to participate in programs such as sponsoring K9 officers, donating equipment for Police departments, and partnering with Police department community service donation drives. “Sonitrol is proud to continue our partnership with law enforcement to help serve the communities we live and operate in,” said Joey Rao-Russell, President of Kimberlite Corporation. “We are privileged to be able to participate and give back to the communities we protect.”

Sonitrol’s involvement with law enforcement also spans to a national level. Joey Rao-Russell, as well as other key Sonitrol stakeholders, participate in the non-profit, national organization, Partnership for Priority Verified Alarm Response (PPVAR). The PPVAR is comprised of members of the electronic security industry, insurance industry, and law enforcement. Their mission is to educate electronic security stakeholders on the value of verified alarms in reducing false alarms, increasing apprehensions, preserving taxpayer dollars, and enhancing end users’ and responding officer’s safety. Sonitrol will also be supporting Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D.) on January 9th, 2017. “We feel compelled to come together to honor law enforcement and their families for the sacrifices they make to keep our communities safe,” said Julie Beach. “Around the country, sonitrol locations will be hosting and participating in appreciation events and activities thanking law enforcement and recognizing their efforts.”

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