Complete Warehouse Protection

Complete Warehouse Protection

Warehouse security – challenges and solutions

Complete warehouse security

Warehouse security can sometimes be a problem for traditional security equipment. The size of these spaces and the complexity of their layout often allow vulnerabilities. This happens even with multiple motion sensors at each door, window, and aisle. Ceilings and walls are an increasingly popular entry point for would-be thieves, find out about cost-effective security coverage for these areas as well. In addition to break-ins, internal theft can also be a problem. Here a list of components needed for comprehensive protection for your facility from all these hazards.

Keyless Access Control

Sonitrol keyless access control

Keyless access systems prevent unauthorized persons from entering restricted areas in your facility. You control which employees are allowed in sensitive areas. You can also limit general public visitors to unrestricted areas. Using this system will reduce the amount of traffic, which lowers your risk. Access control can protect secure data and merchandise that is the hottest target for thieves. It also keeps the public from entering areas where employee items are kept. You can easily view all these records with the MySonitrol app or reports can be conveniently scheduled to arrive in your email. You can also easily make changes to employees list and permissions.

Video Surveillance

You already know about camera systems but keep in mind it’s most effective when monitored. When an event is in progress our locally monitored central station receives an alert. Video allows them to verify that a police dispatch is necessary. Your video surveillance system keeps you aware of events happening in your facility and provides recordings that can be used as evidence.

Verified Audio Security

Local operators know your accountSonitrol is known for our unique Verified Audio Technology. Our system uses strategically placed audio sensors that can cover 5,000 square feet. These devices provide floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall coverage instead of merely trying to spot check your whole site for activity as traditional systems do. These devices won’t be blocked by racks and pallets as motion detectors often are. Because this technology is also locally monitored 24/7 your facility is protected top to bottom. This verification technology not only gets prompt police response but also produces a recording which can be used by police as evidence.

All these components together complete the picture. Don’t settle for settle for technology with limited protection; get equipment that provides 100% coverage!

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